About Us

Our story began in 2010. After finishing  Master of Science in Mathematics Education, Evelyn was contacted by her professors to write a math story book and an algebra book for higher education. Her professors told her that there is something that Evelyn can do that they cannot, and that is how to illustrate mathematics problems.

In 2012, Bibia was incorporated. Evelyn was known as Bibia in her hometown. The company started publishing books and workbooks. Joshua and Moses were written in English and Taglish (Tagalog-English) versions.   In 2015,  Bibia Craft Kits was added. In 2018,  Marlisa & Friends, The Ulans and Nickel and Dime were born and Diwata was introduced. Now, the company is on top of the new technology on Augmented Reality.

Our Stories:

  • Moses is about mathematics.
  • Joshua is about mathematics. 
  • The Ulans is about Science.
  • Nickel & Dime is about respect and understanding.
  • Marlisa and Friends is about love and friendship.
  • Diwata is about culture and tradition.

Marlisa and Friends

Nickel & Dime

The Ulans

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